Why are Lemons Sour ?

Have you ever asked yourself ?  Ann & Jean-Paul Brigand Link to this article in French  http://olharfeliz.typepad.com/citrus/2016/...

My Mediterranean Garden: A Potted Version - Part One

By Burford Hurry,  April 2015, President Mediterranean Gardening Association, Portugal Mediterranean gardens can be wond...

Decorative lemon trees

Limoni amalfitanum With the kumquats, the Bitter orange or Seville orange is the most hardy of decorative citrus trees, beautiful dark ...

Pomelo tree: my passion

Pomelo  This is the most beautiful tree that you can grow in southern Portugal. It is a big tree with large leaves like avocado leaves,...

Japanese Persimmon (Dióspiro)

Persimmon Faufau  The Japanese persimmon is a magnificent tree, useful and perfectly adapted to the Portuguese climate. Diospyros kaki...

Pomegranates: marvels of our gardens

Pomegranate sogdiana  The pomegranate has a story to tell us about the ignorance of our time. For the last ten years I have watched the...

Biodiversity and Humankind

Narcissus willkommii  – endemic seen only in the Algarve 2010 Christmas Card by Jorge Paiva Our development will be sustainable ...

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